Responsive Design – Part 1

As more web enabled devices are released on the market, people are viewing the internet with different tools. Smart phones, tablets, portable gaming devices, car entertainment units and even household appliances, like fridges, have empowered users to stay connected to the internet all day long. However, they don’t provide the most optimal viewing experience considering… Continue reading Responsive Design – Part 1

Tips to Improve JavaScript Performance

Are you a webmaster or web developer? Want to create super-fast websites? Of course, Web load are affected by many factors, including network speed, hosting location, server performance, application performance, web page design and optimization. Below I have collected the tips from web to improved Javascript performance. Again, it may help webmasters and web developers… Continue reading Tips to Improve JavaScript Performance

Hello world!

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog. I’m Shreevardhan, you can call me Shree. A front end developer based in Pune, INDIA. I am passionate about building beautiful, efficient and elegant websites. I focus on creating enjoyable and easy-to-use interfaces from clean, semantic markup that just makes sense, flexible and cross-browser-reliable stylesheets, and unobtrusive DOM-massaging javascript.