Front-end Development Tools List

Developer Tools In this section you can find a bunch of tools and libraries that are useful for front-end development. Use these tools to speed up your workflow and libraries to make your dev life easier. JavaScript Frameworks List of the most popular and also probably unknown js frameworks: jQuery Dojo Toolkit MooTools Backbone.js AngularJS… Continue reading Front-end Development Tools List

Tools to help you create responsive web designs

Building responsive design has become a huge trend in the web design world. There is a good reason for that: responsive websites are much more relevant than fixed web designs in a time where a lot of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. we take a look at some of the most useful tool to… Continue reading Tools to help you create responsive web designs

Responsive Design – Part 2

Why Should I Care About Mobile Responsive Design? You (publisher, developer, and designer) should care because you want the visitors to your website to have the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves. There are essentially two ways you can give your audience a good experience utilizing responsive design: The first is optimizing… Continue reading Responsive Design – Part 2

Responsive Design – Part 1

As more web enabled devices are released on the market, people are viewing the internet with different tools. Smart phones, tablets, portable gaming devices, car entertainment units and even household appliances, like fridges, have empowered users to stay connected to the internet all day long. However, they don’t provide the most optimal viewing experience considering… Continue reading Responsive Design – Part 1